Our 1528 W. Adams St. training facility is ventilated by two energy recovery ventilators (ERV) and two exhausts for COVID-19 safety requirements.  The 37 S. Ashland training facility is vented with a supply and an exhaust fan.  All facilities are socially distanced.  PHS is COVID-19 Compliant social distancing and masks required.

Risk Management at Public Health and Safety Inc.

Risk Management

BUILDING RISK MANAGEMENT — PHS has consulted with over 300 companies to recognize and address complex environmental risk problems.

25+ years of quality building risk management, inspection and training experience for toxic chemicals, moisture and mold, asbestos, lead and mercury

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Expert Inspection Services performed by experienced PHS inspectors in school, government and commercial buildings for asbestos, lead, mold.


Over 9000 inspections sucessfully completed plus our mobile app allows same day reporting and assures data reliability and retrieval

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Over 25 years of Expert Experience in Building Risk Management, Inspections and Training

PHS brings extensive knowledge and experience with building regulatory requirements and hazard monitoring. PHS project management practices require interdisciplinary teamwork with an emphasis on evidentiary and risk communication. PHS has successfully completed more than 9000 building inspections for hazardous material exposures, providing cost-effective solutions to health-hazard and liability problems.  Provided Indoor Air Quality consulting and testing of school buildings during the COVID-19 pandemic for the Chicago Public Schools properties.

The PHS cloud-based information system and specially-designed mobile app allow building managers to have immediate and continued access to multi-inspection data to guide maintenance programs.

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Lead Paint
02 Mar 19

A Proposal to Improve the Detection of Potential Housing Lead Risks using Mobile Application Software



Health impacts of lead exposure on children